Welcome to Pwn9

Pwn9 is an online community mostly based around gaming. Our community primarily uses our Discord Server which is open for anyone to join and become part of Pwn9. Members use the Discord voice channels to team up and play Minecraft, GuildWars, Overwatch, Planetside, and more. Join our #lounge for fun random discussion or let off some steam in the #politics channel. Exercise your mind in #coding where several experienced software developers mingle and talk about programming and projects.

Latest Posts

Fixing The Blog

We’re going to start fixing up the blog for Pwn9, and seeing if we can get some more people involved in helping to edit and update it. I’ve kept the blog using Jekyll and hosted with GitHub pages, but I’ve migrated it to an easier to use setup so that less technical editors from Pwn9 may be able to start chipping in some blog posts.

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