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Welcome to the blog.

At the moment, has undergone a bit of a hiccup. For reasons we haven’t really taken the time to figure out, the Drupal installation we had decided to take a permanent vacation. We will have a new site up shortly. We decided that we needed a separate place to document the goings on of Pwn9, so here we are!

At the moment, we have our Anarchy Minecraft server running on version 1.11 at on the default port (25565). With respect to Minecraft, we are working on building something that we think our community members will enjoy. A blast from the past. We don’t have an ETA, yet, as getting our website back up and running is our first priority, but check back here once in a while for news.

Our members are playing a variety of games these days, including Overwatch, GW2, Rocket League, and many others. Why don’t you come visit our Discord Server in the mean-time, hang out, and chat.