A Small Update from Pwn9

Wow it’s been ages since we took the time to sit down and work on this site, nearly a full year considering the last post was from February 8th. Anyways, now I’m kind of in the mood to contribute whatever I can to this site and learn this new blog system. The lack of website updates probably has to do with just the fact that we have everything done on our Discord.

Things to note:

  1. For the official Pwn9 Minecraft server to come back, we would need a lot of interest from y’all to warrant all the time and effort that goes into it, especially now that most people have moved on from it. In the meantime, there is a smaller server up managed by tREMor.
    • TremorCraft is running on 1.13.2, Java Edition, at the address: pwn9.org
  2. Since some people don’t know it by know, the link to join our discord is super simple: discord.pwn9.com which redirects to a permanent discord invite link to our server. That’s all you have to remember if you want to invite someone to the discord, no need to create new invites.
    • We encourage everyone to post whatever they want, including links to their stream, memes, discussion about anything, whatever


Written on January 29, 2019 by DreamPhreak