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PwnBuckets Minecraft Plugin Update

A bugfix patch has been released to fix an issue in the Minecraft Plugin - PwnBuckets. This issue allowed melting ice to bypass the source block protections and create infinite source pools, which PwnBuckets was designed to protect against. Get PwnBuckets v1.3 at https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/bukkit-plugins/pwnbuckets
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A Small Update from Pwn9

Wow it’s been ages since we took the time to sit down and work on this site, nearly a full year considering the last post was from February 8th. Anyways, now I’m kind of in the mood to contribute whatever I can to this site and learn this new blog system. The lack of website updates probably has to do with just the fact that we have everything done on our Discord. Things to note:...
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Minecraft Vanilla Server Online

Pwn9 currently hosts a Vanilla version 1.11.2 Minecraft server at pwn9.com:25565 Come join us for some fun vanilla play, the game server is connected to our Discord server in the #yasmp channel, so even when you’re not playing you can chat.
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Fixing up Pwn9 Blog

We’re going to start fixing up the blog for Pwn9, and seeing if we can get some more people involved in helping to edit and update it. I’ve kept the blog using Jekyll and hosted with GitHub pages, but I’ve migrated it to an easier to use setup so that less technical editors from Pwn9 may be able to start chipping in some blog posts. We should be able to get some more content in...
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