Welcome to Pwn9!

A community of various people from all over and of all types, gathered together around gaming, coding, trolling, and cat videos?

Actually, we have a little more depth than that, but there is just too much to cover. We are first and foremost an online gaming community, that is the history that has brought Pwn9 to where it is now. We’ve evolved and morphed over the years from a Quake Clan (QW - Quake Warriors) in the 90’s, to a Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory clan in the 00’s (AR - Angel Rebellion then Anarchist Revolution), to Minecraft in the 10’s when we rebranded as Pwn9.

Our members play a lot of other games as well and take advantage of our Discord channels to team up, as well as sitting around idle all day like it’s a telnet BBS randomly complaining about stupid things. Occasionally we work on some collaborative programming projects like the Minecraft plugin PwnFilter, so if you’re into any of these things… come join us, there are far worse options for spending your free time!

Join us on Discord

Join our discord server! This is the hub of our community, it’s less arcane than forums and not as corporate and advertisement filled as Facebook, and all the gaming bells and whistles are pretty awesome.